Apwal Homepage
Application Launcher for Linux, v0.4.5, 2004.12.20
Apwal is a simple application launcher for Linux together with a powerful editor. It is developed under the GPL Licence, is written in C and use the GTK+ toolkit for the graphical interface and XML format to save the settings.


Apwal Launcher
Bind Apwal to the right button of your mouse. When Apwal is launched it displays icons around the cursor with transparency. Then simply select the application you want to use.
Apwal Launcher

Apwal Editor
Apwal Editor is an easy to use graphical interface to configure the Launcher. A powerful Icon Selector help you to locate your icons. A lots of filters are available to simplify the search: by extension, resolution, icon name filter with wildcard, ability to process directory recusively, etc.
Apwal Editor

     PP                   PPP          PP   
    P PP                 P PPP        P PPP 
   PPPPPPP    PP         PPPPPPP     PPPPP  
  PPPPPP     P PPP      PPPPPP       PP P   
  PPP P      PPPP       PPP P        PP P   
  PP  P     PP  P       PP  P       PPP  P  
  PP   P    PP  P       PP   P      PPP  P  
 PPP   P   PP   P      PPP   P      PP   P  
 PPP   P   PP  P       PPP   P      PP  P   
 PP    P  PPPPP P      PP    P      P PP    
 PP   P                PP   P      PPPP PP  
 P  P P                P    P               
PPPP PP               PP PPP                
                     PPPPPP PP