Apwal Homepage
Application Launcher for Linux, v0.4.5, 2004.12.20
How to launch the editor?
    'right-click' on any application icon or run from the command line:
    # apwal --edit
How to bind Apwal on the right click with Sawfish?
    - Start the Sawfish Configurator: sawfish-ui
    - Go to tab 'Bindings' and set context to 'Root window'
    - Bind 'Button3-Click' to 'Run shell command' and set command to 'apwal'
How to bind Apwal on the left click with Enlightenment DR16?
    Copy the current key bindings configuration in your E16 local directory:
      # cp 'EnlightenmentPath'/config/keybindings.cfg ~/.enlightenment/
    Where 'EnlightenmentPath' is:
      for Debian: /usr/share/enlightenment/
      for RedHat: /usr/share/enlightenment/
      for SuSE: /usr/X11R6/share/enlightenment/
      for Mandrake: /usr/X11R6/share/enlightenment/
    Edit it and then replace:
      LTIP_ACTION_TEXT "Display User Menus"
        __BUTTON 1
      LTIP_ACTION_TEXT "Apwal Menu"
        __BUTTON 1
        __ACTION __A_EXEC apwal
How to use Apwal with Openbox?
You can follow this explanation provided by Damien Pobel (in french): http://pwet.fr/blog/apwal.
How to use Apwal with FVWM
Miguel Moquillon wrote an article about FVWM on Ubuntu and explains there how to configure FVWM and use it with Apwal (in french): FVWM-Crystal sur une Ubuntu.
How to use Apwal with Fluxbox?
This article from Linux-Magazine explains how to configure Fluxbox to use Apwal: Application on demand with Apwal program launcher.
How to create submenu?
    - in the editor, add an icon with the following command line:
      # apwal --config .apwalrc2.xml

     PP                   PPP          PP   
    P PP                 P PPP        P PPP 
   PPPPPPP    PP         PPPPPPP     PPPPP  
  PPPPPP     P PPP      PPPPPP       PP P   
  PPP P      PPPP       PPP P        PP P   
  PP  P     PP  P       PP  P       PPP  P  
  PP   P    PP  P       PP   P      PPP  P  
 PPP   P   PP   P      PPP   P      PP   P  
 PPP   P   PP  P       PPP   P      PP  P   
 PP    P  PPPPP P      PP    P      P PP    
 PP   P                PP   P      PPPP PP  
 P  P P                P    P               
PPPP PP               PP PPP                
                     PPPPPP PP