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Application Launcher for Linux, v0.4.5, 2004.12.20
Lastest version of Apwal for Linux
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apwal_0.4.5_i386.deb Debian / Ubuntu binary package
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Debian and Ubuntu repositry
If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, just do 'apt-get install apwal' !

Note: Apwal Debian and Ubuntu packages are still available on the following repositery:
deb http://apwal.free.fr/debian ./
0.4.5 - 2004.12.20
  - debian: debian/ files updated from Sam advices.
  - plenty of good changes have been integrated into gtk2. Use now glib
    timeouts, gobject closure marshaler, gtk draw_rectangle does not require
    a padding of 2px in cereimg anymore. Get rid of apwal_file_selection
    and replace it by gtk file_chooser which allows to select a directory
    eventually and not only files.
  - add option --config i to apwal. It's now possible to create
    an icon calling recusively Apwal with another config file. It provides a
    simple way to create submenus (Thanks Bill for the idea).
  - Added busy cursor when loading the icons.
  - Remove few 'fixme:' in the code.

0.4.4 - 2003.10.25
  - splash & filesel: handle delete event on dialog box because metacity shows
    the menu bar on dialog box which allow the user to kill them.
  - filesel: fix RH8 compilation problem, gtk_widget_get_display undefined.
  - property: fix RH8 gtk_widget_modify_text pb, doesn't reset color if NULL.
  - all: correct gcc log marco format, add a script to avoid this problem again.
  - editor: remove key bindings until i find a better way to do it.

0.4.3 - 2003.10.25
  - all: check tooltips
  - editor: add 'delete' key binding.
  - editor: cursor doesn't follow an icon drag anymore.
  - iconsel: correct the scrollbar bug when started in tab mode.
  - editor: remove the unknown icon as soon as it is not necessary.
  - iconsel: apply/close or ok/cancel depending on the window modal mode.
  - iconsel: apply button near selected icon only showed in tab mode.
  - property: show exec file/path/icon in red if invalid.
  - editor: remove tips on arrows and add a bulb to enlight the user.
  - filesel: use the gtk2 widget and add a dir_only option, merge with dirsel.
  - sys: simplify file func, now use g_find_program_in_path/g_file_test/...
  - sys: simplify spawn func.
  - property: replace the treeview by entries.
  - app: modifiy properties: del name, add cmdline=prog+args, execpath=path.
  - splash: add a progress bar when loading icons.
  - launcher: remove the need of the proc filesystem to launch the editor.
  - iconsel: correct bug on delete event if iconsel displayed in a 2d window.

0.4.2 - 2003.11.26
  - dirsel: create a directory selector. Features: TAB completion, easy
    navigation with keys. Used for the app launch path and the pixmap paths.
  - iconsel: fix bug when deselecting the pixmap directory in which the
    current icon app is in.
  - iconlist: fix bug when filtering icons on load if the icon failed to
    be created. (Thanks to Volker)
  - property: fix assert at launch of the file selector.
  - all: correct log macro calls. macros need always an argument after fmt.
    So add "%s","" in case of log msg w/o args. (Thanks to Krp)

0.4.1 - 2003.11.16
  - all: size and extension filters are now active at load of the icons from
    disk. It is a little slower but it consumes less memory
  - all: Debian package created
  - syssutff: correct exit of apwal when the program to launch do not exist
  - launcher: add an option to allow to close apwal at launch of an application
  - iconsel: it is now possible to change the dimension of the Icon Selection
    windows when it is in a separate window
  - iconsel: Icon Selection window is showed automaticly in non modal mode
    when it is in a separate window
  - iconsel: It is possible to change dynamicly the mode of the Icon
    Selection (tab, window, modal window)
  - iconsel: the Icon Selection could now be launched in a tab in the main
    window, in a separate window, or in a separate modal window
  - editor: no icon is showed 'selected' when no app selected (pb at start)
  - apwal_pref: set/unset correctly tootips at editor start
  - receimg: replace gdk_draw_pixbuf to gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable unless
    it don't compile on RH8
  - iconsel: correct bug at start if someone save a empty path/extension.
    line 40 (icon_dir_new): assertion failed: (path != NULL)
  - add a message box if an application failed when it is clicked.
  - iconlist: explained to this machine that /to/ti or /to//ti or /to/ti/ or
    whatever are the same directory

0.4.00 - 2003.02.25
  - iconsel: deals now correctly with 2 recursive paths which cross together
    like /usr/share/icons and /usr/shares/icons/hicolor for example
  - iconsel: correct forget of truncating icons 48x.. or ..x48
  - iconsel: show the real width and height of an icon and not the
    truncated one if truncated. so filters are ok for bigger icons.

0.3.32 - 2003.02.24
  - all: a lot of improvement based on Cbwan's suggestion.
  - iconsel: add buttons add, collapse and expand have now the the same size.
  - iconsel: check if selection are ok. and it is :) remove !selected button.
  - editor: remove a bug in vertical size initialisation
  - xmlrc: if it is the first launch of apwal then create a new xmrc file and
    launch the editor.
  - about: done. a little one :)
  - apwal_pref: new tab apwal_pref. options: timout and activate_tooltips 
  - launcher/editor: remove dependence of X11 call used to get the resolution
    of the screen (use now gdk_screen_width and height)
  - all: create LICENSE file and add GPL headers in source files.
  - all: some cleanup in pixmaps and src directories
  - all: add install rules on Makefile, update install info in INSTALL file
  - all: add tooltips on thinks not easy to undertand naturally.
  - iconsel: truncate icon > 48x48 to save some memory
  - iconsel: append relief to icon in treeview
  - property: append relief to icon in treeview
  - editor: refresh property on start of drag and drop
  - launcher: editor is now launch from the current apwal binary to avoid path
    and version problems.
  - launcher: exit launcher when right click to an icon to launch the editor
  - selico: add 'apply' button, do the same as dblclick on an icon/selected icon
  - selico: remove 'file' label
  - editor: never more that one noname/unknown application/icon at one time.

0.3.31 - 2003.02.10
  - fisrt version release since 0.1.22
  - a LOT of new features. new icon selection form, new editor...

0.1.22 - 2002.11.20
  - add sysstuff.[ch]: sys_exec and sys_can_exec.
  - deal now with GError on error for gtk function using it.
  - take now to excess of g_assert rather that if (!ptr) and cie.
  - create testing directory for testing some stuff (gtktreeview, ...).
  - add new icon selector. i hope you are going to like it!

0.1.21 - 2002.11.16
  - and it will be called... apwal! Tadaaaa.... Thanks to Whale 
    for his proposition!
  - configuration file is now ~/.apwalrc.xml, update your config!
  - create src and sample directories, clean some obsolete code.
  - use define rather than fixed value to cut icon bigger than 48x48.
  - add gtkstuff.[ch]: add gtk_arrow_button_new(), icon load always use
  - icons used are now integrated in the binary file, Makefile generates
    pixbufinline.inc from PNG files in the directory.
  - command line arguments are now parsed at the execution.
0.1.20 - 2002.11.12
  - app: add have_exec_access and app_exec_is_valid.
  - launcher and editor: icons with an invalid executable appear in grey.
  - clean some obsolete files.

0.1.19 - 2002.11.11
  - property: remove button directly removes app form the app_list.
  - app: add app_list_remove, implement app_list_delete.
  - launcher: prevent starting 2 editors with 2 right clics on an icon.
  - editor: rewrite button arrow code.
  - 'no app' is now different than 'app with an unknown icon'.
  - editor: add the position of the cursor.
  - launcher and editor: support icons with different size than 48x48.

0.1.18 - 2002.11.09
  - editor: the ok button now save the xml file and exit the editor.
  - editor: the 'cancel' button now exit the editor.
0.1.17 - 2002.11.09
  - and it first bug report 10 minutes after :) 
  - launcher: fix freeze on click to an icon with an incorrect
    executable (no exit on error on execvp).

0.1.16 - 2002.11.09
  - Now launcher has is first real user! Thanks Cbwan!

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