Apwal Homepage
Application Launcher for Linux, v0.4.5, 2004.12.20
Detailled instructions on how to configure and use Apwal are available in this Linux-Magazine article: Application on demand with Apwal program launcher.
The Editor
The 'Application Property' frame allows to modify the application currently selected. It is possible to move the application icon by drag and drop on the editor bellow. A double clic on an icon will show the Icon Selector.

The Icon Selector
It could be showed in a separate window or in a tabulation of the main window (Cf. the 'Apwal Preference' tabulation to set this option).
The 'Filename Filter' entry allows to apply a filter on the list of loaded icons; wildcards are allowed (Ex: 'gnome*').
'All Icons' Button resets the filter to '*' in order to show all the loaded icons.

Icon Selection Preferences
Defines the icons which are going to be loaded and accessible in the Icon Selector. Few filters are available like the file extension or the icon resolution.
'Pixmap Path' lists the paths which are going to be scanned. All icons found in this directories which satisfy the previous criterias will be loaded in the Icon Selector.
'Sel' allows you to unselect a directory without having to delete it.
'Rec' starts a recursive scan. Be wise... don't launch it on '/' unless you have some time to spend. If 2 paths cross each other the parent will stop its recursive scan at the child directory location.

     PP                   PPP          PP   
    P PP                 P PPP        P PPP 
   PPPPPPP    PP         PPPPPPP     PPPPP  
  PPPPPP     P PPP      PPPPPP       PP P   
  PPP P      PPPP       PPP P        PP P   
  PP  P     PP  P       PP  P       PPP  P  
  PP   P    PP  P       PP   P      PPP  P  
 PPP   P   PP   P      PPP   P      PP   P  
 PPP   P   PP  P       PPP   P      PP  P   
 PP    P  PPPPP P      PP    P      P PP    
 PP   P                PP   P      PPPP PP  
 P  P P                P    P               
PPPP PP               PP PPP                
                     PPPPPP PP